Cape Cod Fashion

My husband and I decided to spend the winter in solitude, more specifically in Cape Cod - a place whose population triples in the summer. But, the winter months allow for empty beaches and quiet evenings - and an ideal opportunity to work with local models.

Today I had the pleasure of working with one such model, Cara Crahan. Armed with no more than a reflector and copious changes of clothing, we set out to get some quintessential Cape Cod shots, with a fashion edge, and I think we hit that brief.

Cara was a natural model, and made my job very easy. Her movements were graceful, and her facial expressions subtle and effortless.

While the sun was a little higher than I had hoped, we made the best of some harsh lighting, attempting to incorporate some beautiful backlighting and silhouettes. As the sun set, the quiet beauty of off-season Cape Cod really sung, and made me very appreciative of the months we've spent here. 

It was a perfect send-off. 

Next stop: Rome.