Selfies Across Europe

Selfies Across Europe is now available in a beautiful photo book. This carefully curated book features a photographic journey that seeks to showcase modern societal trends. Through street photography captured throughout Europe in 2016, we see holidays the way people most often see them themselves, in their selfies. 

A portion of proceeds from the sales of this book will be donated to foundations dedicated to combatting epilepsy.

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“It's really useful to travel, if you want to see new things.” - Around the World in 80 Days, 1889

“#BelieveInYourSelfie” - The Internet, 2016

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While the experience of travel has transformed a great deal since the days of sooty steam engines and massive iron ships, the essence of placing oneself in a different country and a different culture has not: today, just as in ages past, we voluntarily put ourselves in trying and difficult situations, in places where the language and the food is strange, with the simple desire to understand the world better, and, thus, ourselves. And while some of the glamor and romance of those bygone days of pocketwatches and postcards is tragically lost to history, there is something to be said of the tremendous convenience afforded by modernity.

As we traipse across the globe faster and more comfortably than ever, contemporary technology also enables us to remain in touch with our loved ones back home in ways that were impossible dreams mere decades ago. Capturing our experiences on our iPhones and telegramming them for the world to see, instantly and on a whim, adds a dimension to travelling that even Phineas Fogg would have found charming, for its honesty and for its motivation: sharing our experiences and feelings of the world – with the world.

As we look on the faces of modern travellers (through their phones) we see the same sense of excitement that has made the labor of travel pale in comparison to the fruits of travel for endless generations of free-spirited and inhernently nomadic human beings.


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