Rome, Florence, Pompeii, Naples

It's been three weeks since I've arrived in Italy. Home base is Rome in a wonderful AirBnB near Pigneto. The Internet likes to tell me that Pigneto is the Williamsburg of Rome, so let's go with that. 

Below are collections of photos from each city visited thus far (Milan and Venice to follow). Click the thumbnails to enlarge.


Our first day in Rome, after 30 hours travel, we we very ambitious. We walked from our flat right outside the main ring, to the Colosseum, Circus Maximus, Vatican, Spanish Steps, Pantheon, and many more in between. My Apple Watch tells me I walked 16.84 miles. I suppose all that pent up energy from the Cape exploded.

The following days have been much less taxing, and Rome has come to hold the same purpose as any other home. 


Oddly Florence is not the quiet, medieval city you may imagine. No, it's a loud, tourist-ridden, medieval city. Our first night there, there were few others wandering the streets. but come Saturday and it was a scene off of the Vegas strip. Not surprisingly, many of those tourists were American. Even more unsurprisingly, college-age students. Despite the throngs, Florence is able to maintain it's small city and humble aura.


It would be difficult to articulate what a visit to Pompeii feels like. So, I'd rather the photos speak for themselves. 

Naples, on the other hand, is a city which elicits many adjectives, not all of which positive. It completely defines what one pictures when hearing 'the old country.' Fish markets, clothes lines hanging from balconies, children being driven on handlebars of motorbikes sans helmets. It just feels, well, Napoli.