One night in München and the world's your oyster

28 hours in Munich.

In high school, I was lucky enough to take part in an exchange program in the Bavarian capital, and every time I visit again, I fall a little more in love, and don't want to leave.

But, when one only has a short time in a city as vibrant as München, what's the best way to fill those fast fleeting hours? 

marienplatz munich münchen

Wander around the Altstadt. 

In the heart of the Altstadt (old city), you will find Marienplatz - home of the famous glockenspeil housed high up on the Neues Rathaus (new city hall). As with most German plazas, it isn't a surprise to come across an outdoor market or festival.

On our Sunday in Munich, we found ourselves amongst a culture festival which spanned the old town - music, food, and of course the iconic drndls and lederhosen. 

We also happened to be in town for Germany's first World Cup 2018 match against Mexico. Not a great result on that for the locals (and myself who is a diehard Mannschaft supporter.) Schade.

living statue break munich münchen
hint of drndl munich münchen
culture festival munich münchen
culture festival munich münchen
Bayerische Staatskanzlei münchen munich
WM Game 1 München world cup munich germany game one
world cup germany game one münchen munich
world cup game one germany munich münchen
maximilian hotel munich münchen

There's no shame in taking a bus tour.

For some reason, bus tours have a reputation of not being ~authentic~ travel, or something. Well, as a person who has visited over 40 countries, and also knows Munich very well, I'm here to tell you: bus tours are not to be scoffed at. 

With a bus back to Prague at 5pm, and two people who have never been to Munich, we decided a hop on hop off bus tour was the way to go.

With the bus we were able to get to some further out locations like Schloss Nymphenburg and Olympiapark, which we otherwise would not have had the time for - and it's just a relaxed way to see the city, whilst learning about the history and culture.

tour bus münchen munich
tour bus munich münchen
Nyphemburg Schloß palace munich münchen
Nyphemburg Schloß palace munich münchen canal gondola
Nyphemburg schloß palace munich münchen
tour bus münchen munich
tour bus munich münchen
Olympiapark münchen munich olympiator olympic tower
Olympiapark münchen munich bratwurst
Olympiapark münchen munich
Olympiapark münchen munich
Olympiapark münchen munich BMW headquarters
Olympiapark münchen munich BMW headquarters
bus tour munich münchen

Bier. Offensichtlich.

Sure it's a little like a Disneyworld version of a bräuhaus, but I almost feel like Hofbräuhaus is a must for any first time visitor to Munich. Constant live music, comically large beer, and traditional Brezel. Once you've explored there, the smaller or less touristed beer halls are waiting for you. Löwenbräukeller is a solid choice.

Whichever beer hall or garten you end up in, it's a necessary taste of Munich and Bavarian culture. 

Hofbräuhaus München munich
Hofbräuhaus München munich