Nothing is certain in London but expense

Visiting London is always a bitter sweet ordeal. I've been visiting the city since I was 9 years old, moved there right after college, and have always felt at home amongst the windy streets and off-green river - so, going over for just a few days fills me with dread. Dread that I will soon have to leave. 

This trip was a little different, though. It began only after family decided to meet us in the middle - instead of us going all the way to America. I then was invited to give a workshop at the Apple store on Regent Street (of which details will come). So, now, not only had this become a business trip of sorts, but also a full-on tourist trip with people who had never visited the UK.

It's been years - decades, even - since I've done the whole tourist in London thing, and it was quite refreshing, actually. Going up in the Eye for only the second time (despite working in the building immediately behind it for nearly a year), knocking out that iconic Abbey Road pic, cooking (and explaining!) a full English for a group of Italian-Americans. It's always an experience to see a city you consider home through new eyes, and while it was a whirlwind week, it was of course appreciated. 

Big Ben renovation
high tea
Toni cabbie
Rolls & Flake
Fab Four
Abbey Road
Michele Cabbie
From Thames
Off with her head
Greener grass
Double decker
Hyde Park
Cutty Sark
Through the booth
London Eye
Eye lines
Eye shadows
Eye spy parliament
County Hall
Sunset on the Eye
BT at sunset
London at Sunset