Prague Family Vacation

The Kneeland family came to Prague from Oregon to visit their daughter/sister, Cooper, who now lives here - and to resolve and counteract the 'we have no family photos together!' sentiment that all families who live far apart battle, I was brought in to capture the one day that they all had together. 

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Vegan (not at all traditional) Banh Mi

The most fun part of eating a vegan diet is exploring new ways to make food we love. It also gives me an opportunity to put on my food photographer hat - because there is little more I love than food and photography. Enjoy this first foray into food blogging with a delicious vegan bahn mi!

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Prague Summer Fashion

Style is timeless. It transcends generations - it's enduring. If you're thinking about fashion, it's of the moment. And that doesn't mean that it's not important at times to embrace trends and that type of thing, but style is less about trends than it is about how you carry yourself.

- John Varvatos

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Summer on the Vltava

Summertime in  Prague, when the sun is shining and the city is crowded with visitors from all over the world,  is a great time to  escape to a special place right in the heart of town: the sinuous, sparkling Vltava River. Boasting a series of charming islands and running right through the center of Prague, the Vltava offers beautiful views and plenty of opportunities for adventure.

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One night in München and the world's your oyster

In high school, I was lucky enough to take part in an exchange program in the Bavarian capital, and every time I visit again, I fall a little more in love.

But, when one only has a short time in a city as vibrant as München, what's the best way to fill those fast fleeting hours?

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Beyond the Old Town Square (Staroměstské náměstí) Prague

The Old Town Square (Staroměstské náměstí) is certanly a hub for tourist activity in Prague. But, there is plenty to be seen and do just off the famed square. 

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