Mountaintown Spring

The spontaneity of weather in a mountain town is something to be reveled, not bemoaned. I thought being from the Northeast of the US set me up well for unpredictable weather, but what we've experienced in the past few weeks is shocking to even me. Being here just shy of a month, we've felt summer, autumn, spring, and surprisingly even winter. All in April. 

Just last week, at least 6 inches of snow piled down upon us over the course of 48 unstopping hours. This lead to roof leaks and power outages, but also incredible snowy mountains backing the pastel buildings. Just when I thought Brasov couldn't be any more magical, it outdid itself. 

Two days later, it had all melted away and we are back firmly in more traditional Springtime. 

This is a stable and unchanged town which never fails to stupify.

Brasov Spring