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Sunrise Proposal

Joe and Hannah had their trip to Prague planned to a tee - what Hannah didn’t know was Joe had a little surprise in store. With the sun rising over Letná park, overlooking the Vlatava, Joe proposed, and Hannah, with the utmost enthusiasm and love, agreed.

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India: Country of Contradictions

Certain locations resonate on a different level. India is one such place - a country of extremes. A country that knows that it makes it special, and embraces it. My time in India touched upon only a small segment of this larger-than-life sub-continent, and left me wanting more.

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Summer on the Vltava

Summertime in  Prague, when the sun is shining and the city is crowded with visitors from all over the world,  is a great time to  escape to a special place right in the heart of town: the sinuous, sparkling Vltava River. Boasting a series of charming islands and running right through the center of Prague, the Vltava offers beautiful views and plenty of opportunities for adventure.

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