Judit & Philipp | August 12, 2017 | Stuttgart, Germany

On August 12, 2017, friends and family from across Europe came to together to celebrate the marriage of Judit and Philipp in Stuttgart. On a cool day that included brief spells of rain and moments of pleasant sunshine, dozens of guests smiled and laughed as the happy couple began their new lives together as husband and wife. The day began with a traditional signing ceremony in a charming Stuttgart government building, where family and friends sat to watch the formal union of Philipp and Judit. Papers were signed and rings were exchanged - momentarily incorrectly - and the room applauded as Philipp and Judit enjoyed their first kiss as a married couple.

Following the ceremony, Mr. and Mrs. Wagenfuehrer were chauffered back to their garden, where the guests had assembled to continue the celebration. Champagne glasses clinked in merry toasts in the festive afternoon air. Following a pleasant time in the garden, the newlyweds departed to their favorite park to enjoy a walk together, for the first time as husband and wife. With stunning views of hilly Stuttgart before and behind them, Philipp and Judit smiled and laughed, truly basking in one another’s company.

After driving from the park to the reception venue (Bessen66) in a gleaming Mercedes, it was time for the celebration to really begin. The guests raised their glasses, and speeches were given in honor of the beaming Judit and Philipp. Among so many close friends and loving family members, the happy couple deeply enjoyed the genuinely festive atmosphere. Delicious food and an amazing cake - and plenty of pálinka - further enhanced the mood. Soon, everyone was merrily dancing, overjoyed with happiness for Philipp and Judit. It was a truly celebratory day, and a fittingly joyful gathering for such a joyful couple.