island living, island leaving which we saw two sunsets and one sunrise before reaching our destination.

days in crete

A month in Crete aimed to give us a break from stifling summer cities - and it achieved just that. Our days were spent sitting on the beach, watching the sun descend over the nearby mountain, and exploring our little bit of Heraklion's suburbs. 

Some days we ventured in to Heraklion, paying the paltry €2 to go into Koules Fortress where one can get a view of the entire city on one side, and the Aegean sea on the other. 

When it came time to leave Crete, we had decided to head to Skopje, the capital city of Macedonia. To achieve this would require either a stop over in Athens or Thessaloniki for a night, or 28 hours of straight travel. Not being ones to back down from a travel challenge, we went with the latter. To say goodbye to the land of souvlaki, we had our last meal serenaded under the umbrellas of Izmir Kebap - whose yogurt alone is worth the trip.

cretan sunset
everyones a model - heraklion fort
view from the fort
yellow jogger
from above
cretan suburbia
beach front pool
under an umbrella
minimal swim
waves of fire
no comments
izmir kebap
it's showtime

ferry to athens

Much like our ferry into Crete, the one going out departed at sunset to arrive in Athens at sunrise. Our ship in was a more modern version of this one, but the Wes Anderson and Kubrick vibes made our return trip slightly more interesting - and infinitely more creepy. 

sunset at the port
bae caught me composing
selfies across europe at sea
wave farewell
on the deck
waves gif
man and moon
desolate deck
mirror selfie
shining hallway
sunrise on deck
sunrise on deck
sunrise at port
smoke on the water gif
docking at sunrise

athens to skopje via thessaloniki

Arriving in Athens at 6:30AM, one is thrown into the hustle of an already awake city. Not having slept too well the previous night, we moved like zombies through the subway. Once disembarking the train, we followed my crudely drawn map that I had scrawled in my traveler's notebook the night before.

Finding our bus stop relatively easily thanks to my artistic prowess, we still had an hour and a half to kill - so do as the Grecians do, and sit in a cafe. 

The bus ride itself was challenging, clocking in at over 7 hours, and by the time we arrived in Thessaloniki we had already been in transit for 20 hours. With a quick hour layover at the Thessaloniki train station (where we were both dropped off by, and picked up by a bus), we headed back out on the road for the final leg of the journey. 

Four hours, an international border, and a time zone later, we had made it to Skopje - a land which has all the familiarities of our previous former Yugoslavian spots, but with an added touch of nostalgia in the form of some re-appropriated buses. Also large statues. So many large statues. 

breakfast in athens
bus to thessaloniki
thessaloniki text
thessaloniki train station
train spot
skopje bus
macedonian border
macadonian flag
no reservations bourdain in macadonian
macadonian countryside
for a good time call
everyones a photographer
sunset on the bus
london? no, skopje
warrior on horse