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Spending only a week in Sofia, I don't feel properly equipped to make a fair judgement on the city. But, it overall left a positive impression. With gorgeous Central-European inspired intertwined with Soviet and Byzintine archetectures, walking the city streets was a constant pleasant surprise. All pleasant until you happen upon a statue with eyeballs, that is.

The standout building is of course the famous Alexander Nevsky Cathedral which dominates the roundabout upon which it sits. Our Airbnb was literally on the corner, so we were lucky enough to get glimpses of it every day even doing mundane tasks like running to the grocery store. 

But for me, the best bit was a table in an outdoor market chock-full of vintage analog cameras, from which I walked away with a ФЭД-2 (FED-2) Soviet Leica clone. I've already run a roll through it, and can't wait to get it developed. Stay tuned!

Window painter - Sofia
Sofia Camera Table
analog heaven - Sofia
FED-2 Soviet Leica Clone
Chupa Chups - Sofia
Kubrick in Sofia
High noon - Sofia
National Assembly Bulgaria
National Assembly Bulgaria
Sofia Cathedral
Sunset in Sofia
Alexander Nevsky Sunset